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How Bookings Work: At Auto Spa of Saskatoon, we take bookings by appointment only. This ensures our team can dedicate the right amount of time to each vehicle and allows our clients to plan around their vehicles ‘Day at the Spa’. Normally, vehicles are dropped off by around 8:30 in the morning and are ready for pickup by 4:45. If you need a ride, let us know! If you need a hand with getting from point A to point B, we are more than happy to help you with organizing that. Prices we quote you will be based upon ‘mid’grade’ soiling level. Things like pet hair, heavy soiling, specialty stain removal or odors may have an extra charge and are addressed with you up front when you bring your vehicle in for detailing. You are most welcome if you have specific concerns about any issues at any time.

Our Packages:

The Mini-Spa

As our entry level package, we begin with a complete ‘once over’ with you and your vehicle to ensure we completely understand your goal for your ride. If this is the correct package for you, it begins with an exterior complementary hand wash and dry to allow us to clean door jams and hatch area properly. From there an interior vacuum of all mats, carpets and seat areas is performed. Leather surfaces are wiped down. After that, we clean the vents and detail, clean and condition your dash, console, doors, rear hatch area (if it’s an SUV) followed by glass cleaning and headliner ‘touch up’. Your tires are dressed and the vehicle is final inspected and you are notified it is ‘good to go’.

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The Cleanser

Our most popular package, this includes all of the features of The Mini-Spa but has the ‘next level’ of cleaning with the careful cleaning and conditioning of leather surfaces along with the washing and drying of mats, carpeted areas and seats that are fabric.

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The Day Spa

Our premium package, this includes the features of both The Mini Spa and The Cleanser as well added bonus of a complete multi-step Clay Bar/Mitt body preparation, Power Polishing and waxing. Do you have Chrome? We love to bring the luster back. Vehicles are quoted on an individual basis but we are happy to provide an indication over the phone or simply drop by and we can have a consultation with you.

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